Carpet Cleaning Flintshire

Carpet Cleaning Flintshire: How to Choose the Best Company for You

Every week, the average Brit spends ten hours cleaning. That’s a lot of time that could be dedicated to something else!

There are also some tasks that take longer than others and require a lot of elbow grease. Carpet cleaning, for example, can be a real struggle — especially if it’s been a while since the carpet was cleaned.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning, Flintshire has some great options — but how do you choose the best of them? Read on to find out how to make your decision.

Ask About Their Experience

Although a new company might be great at what they do, the safest bet in any industry is always to pick someone who has plenty of experience.

If you want to be completely sure that the carpet cleaning firm you decide to go with is great at what they do, ask about their experience. It might be written on their website or you might have to pose it as a question.

You should never worry about asking too many questions. When inviting someone into your home to do a service, it’s understandable that you want to make sure they’re the best of the best, as you want great results

Consider the Quote

There’s some balance to be found when it comes to asking for a quote from a carpet cleaning company. You don’t want to automatically go with the cheapest, because it may be the cheapest for a reason if they struggle to get business! However, you also want to make sure that this is within your budget.

Ask for quotes from a few companies and compare them. Weigh those quotes with all other factors and the answers to other questions.

As much as you shouldn’t automatically go with the cheapest, the quote is still an important consideration in your decision. 

Read the Reviews

51% of online consumers in the UK believe online reviews to be trustworthy, and will look at them beforehand. That’s over half of a potential client base. 

Even if you’re one of the people who isn’t sold on online reviews, it’s worth looking at them. You can look at different platforms to ensure you’re not getting a biased mix, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. It’s usually easy to tell if reviews are genuine because they’re clearly written by different people.

Yes, some companies will write their own reviews! That, however, is easy to spot.

Overall, the company should have a positive rating. A couple of negative reviews aren’t a cause for concern, because you can’t please everyone, but there should be a vast majority of happy customers left in the company’s wake.

The Company’s Appearance

You might have heard that you should never judge someone on their appearance, but this isn’t true for a carpet cleaning company in Flintshire!

The company should at least have a logo and an easy way to contact them. A professional website is always good too. Carpet cleaning is a very different industry from web design, but making the effort to have all information laid out in a clean and accessible way speaks volumes for the company itself.

Consider Their Communication

It’s also important to consider the company’s communication. There are two different aspects to this.

Firstly, you should make sure they communicate in a timely and professional manner. They’re presumably busy, of course, but you want to make sure they can get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. They should also conduct themselves in a friendly manner.

If they talk to you in a way that seems rude or abrupt, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

You should also consider their method of communication and make sure it works for you. Do they prefer phone calls or emails? Are they fine with both? 

Consider Their Schedule

It’s also important to check that their schedule works for you.

If your carpet needs to be cleaned urgently for an event coming up where you’re hosting and they can’t fit you in for another month, it might be because the company is good, but it doesn’t help you!

You may also need them to come on a specific day of the week that they simply can’t fit in.

Whatever the case, you should make sure that your schedules work together.

What Do They Use?

You should also consider what materials they use on the carpet.

For example, if you have pets, you’ll have to ask if the substances they use on the carpet can be toxic even after they’re done. Pets — and children, for that matter — have a habit of getting into all sorts of things they shouldn’t!

There are also eco-friendly cleaners that may be important to you.

Regardless, you should consider if there’s any aspect of the cleaner that’s important to you, including allergies. If this information isn’t readily available about the company, then ask!

For Carpet Cleaning, There Are Some Good Options in Flintshire

Carpet cleaning in Flintshire has some good options and you should consider these factors carefully to make the right choice. You might have pets and need cleaners without dangerous chemicals, or you might have a very specific budget.

Regardless, you should make sure that the company is friendly, professional, experienced, and simply good at what they do. That’s the bare minimum for inviting a carpet cleaning company into your home.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Chester or Flintshire, consider S Line Cleaning Ltd. We’re experts in the business who offer excellent results, and you won’t be disappointed. 

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