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Is it worth having your Sofa cleaned professionally?

Juggling duties at home and work probably took a toll on your cleaning efforts. Some tasks are left untouched because of your busy schedule. Among the most forgotten home accessories to clean including your Upholstery. 

They may be the last thing on your mind but these pieces have health effects if they are left unclean for long periods. Admit it or not, your sofa is probably one of the hardest things you ever have to clean by yourself, so instead hire a professional company.

To ensure that you still eliminate all the dirt from foot traffic and the impurities settling on them, it is best to hire Upholstery Cleaning Services in Flintshire.

You might be thinking whether such services are worth the money you’re shelling out of pocket. The multiple benefits associated with it will outweigh any doubts clouding your mind. 

Here are some of them. 

  1. Increased life span: Getting your Upholstery cleaned by professionals increases its life span than not being cleaned at all. 
  2. Healthier indoor environment: Your Sofa can serve as a home to small insects like ticks and mites. It can also serve as a breeding ground for molds and mildew if it is not cleaned regularly which can contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your house. 
  3. Eliminates stains: Upholstery absorbs all types spills which can soon make it look unsightly. Aside from reducing its aesthetic appeal, its functionality may diminish over time. Professional Upholstery cleaners guarantee to remove stains to revert to their condition as if it’s newly purchased. 
  4. Breathes new life to old sofas: Some homeowners get sentimental over 3 piece suite that are decades old. It is very true, especially when the carpet is a gift or purchased from another country. Sofa cleaning services assure that even old carpet is restored to its former look. 
  5. Imparts fresh and pleasing fragrance: Who would not want a fresh and fragrant-smelling Sofa? Aside from the pleasant smell, it also contributes to the breath of fresh air inside the house. 

Sofa cleaners guarantee to have your furniture smelling clean and fresh after going through their rigid cleaning process. With all these benefits, would you still think that the money you will spend to hire Upholstery Cleaning in Flintshire is not worth it?  Read on….

Most professional cleaners use the hot water extraction process and typically use a petrol-driven machine known as a Truckmount. 

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It is recognized as one of the most effective cleaning methods to date. This method uses hot water with high-pressure providing a natural deep clean to the fibres and its process will completely remove dirt, bacteria, and particles, amongst other unwanted nasties from within your sofa. 

It ensures that deeper cleaning is enforced on the surfaces of the fibre to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over time.

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Upholstery Cleaners Flintshire

How long will your Upholstery take to dry?

Generally, they will completely dry at an average of between six to 10 hours. After cleaning, they can be slightly damp to the touch however, we always use speed driers to accelerate drying times. 

Several factors, however, may prolong the drying period. 

There are instances when it can take an entire day or more to fully dry due to the amount and type of soiling but these occasions are very rare.

One factor is the time of the year.  Depending on what month of the year you choose to get them cleaned typically the summer months are best for drying times due to the moderate heat. 

Air circulation and ventilation also affect the time it takes for them to completely dry. Better air circulation contributes to faster drying because of the right mixture of warmth and humidity. Thus, some of the sofa cleaners near me commonly use dehumidifiers and fans to aid quicker drying. 

Absent a dehumidifier, turning on the air conditioning unit if you have one can do the trick, but in a longer period. Air conditioners can remove moisture from the air.

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How much will it cost to get your Upholstery cleaned?

The cost of Sofa cleaning varies. But in general, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Services offered by most cleaners are affordable. 

Most homeowners are tempted to try DIY upholstery cleaning products however, we do not advise this for many reasons as it can ruin your upholstery but the main reason is the results are not comparable to what you can get from professional cleaning compan like S Line Cleaning. 

Professional cleaners often charge different rates and more often than not this can reflect to the quality of service they can offer.  It is, therefore, worth noting that it is not about price but should be value for money also as we have detailed above.

Having spent at least three decades in the cleaning industry we can offer professional expertise, the use of high-power tools and truck-mounted equipment gives us the advantage of getting the cleaning job done quickly but efficiently. 

With its top-notch service, you’re getting value for money with S Line Cleaning and this is important to note when pricing to get your Upholstery cleaned.


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S Line Cleaning are the best cleaning company ever. They clean our carpets 30 years old now they are like brand new many coffee and foods stains are gone. Our carpets are absolutely like new. 100% reccomended
Steve Mayer
Chester, United Kingdom
The best carpet cleaning service I have used S Line Cleaning services a few times before and now they clean my carpets in our house and office as well.My 5 bedrooms carpet looks fantastic now! Highly recommend!it makes sense
Jodie Pierce
Chester, United Kingdom
I am really impressed with the high standard of cleaning, friendly and informative explanation of the process and excellent value. I was so impressed I have booked to have my sofa and mattresses done next. Highly recommended.
Tiffany Moorcroft
Chester, United Kingdom
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