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S Line Cleaning is based in Chester, Cheshire and provides commercial cleaning services and Residential cleaning services in Cheshire, Flintshire and Mersey areas. We operate 25 miles around Chester for residential cleaning. For commercial cleaning we operate up to 50 miles. We are experts in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning please see our page for more detailed information carpet cleaning chester.  On the commercial side, the company provides services to strict and demanding businesses such as health, construction and educational sector. With this is mind, the company have invested on the latest technologies in order to exceed in after builders cleaning solutions.

As part of the strive for constant improvement, the company uses the latest equipment, products and technologies. The investments made enables the company to offer a safe and efficient environment both for children and pets whilst also being proud to trade as an Eco-friendly company.

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Carpet Cleaning Chester

How often should I get my Carpets Cleaned?

Some people have a hard time determining what company to choose when typing into Google Carpet Cleaning Chester.  We hope you enjoy reading our website and reading our 5 star reviews which hopefully will help you when deciding to choose a reputable company.

When deciding how often to get your Carpets cleanined please do not think just becaused there may be no visible signs of dirt they wont need cleaning.  Leaving your carpets untouched for a period longer than 12 months can be too long.  You see, your carpet need not look old and dilapidated to merit a deep clean.

Generally, you need to vacuum it at least once a week. This will ensure your carpet’s functionality for a long time. When you vacuum, you remove all the loose particles that got stuck in between the carpet fibers. Most of the time, these particles are minuscule to be seen by the naked eye. However, if you want deep cleaning, it’s best to call the expert cleaners who have the right tools for this kind of job and this should be completed a minimum of every 12 – 18 months.

Households with kids

If you have kids at home, it’s expected for your carpets to get soiled more quickly with spilled drinks and muddy shoes. If your carpet receives a high traffic volume, have them cleaned once every six to twelve months. It would also help if you have a professional carpet cleaner to provide a deep clean at least once a year.

Dust and other particles that might be trapped in between the carpet fibers may cause you issues if you suffer with any allergies.  Therefore, it is recommended that  you vacuum your carpet at least once every week depending on how many live in the household.  Make sure to professionally clean your carpets at least every 12 month minimum.

Household with pets

Do you have pets ?  It is advised by manufactures  to vacuum your carpets daily.  This will ensure that pet dander and hair gets removed from your carpet. Take note that your carpet considers pet accidents, loose hair, and muddy paws as its worst enemies. This means that you need to clean your carpets more regular. 

Manufactures recommend in these circumstances that your Carpets should be cleaned every twice a year.


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Upholstery Cleaning Chester

How often should I get my Sofa Cleaned?

Experts say that the dirtiest item in every house is the sofa. From food stain, dead skin cells, pet dander to dust and dirt deposit — the couch have them all. With that in mind, it’s therefore mandatory and hygienic to have them cleaned regularly. But what does regular cleaning truly mean?

Spot versus deep cleaning

The combined deposits of dust, grime, dead skin, pet dander, and other items can pose a serious health risk if left uncleaned. This is precisely why you should invest in both — spot cleaning and deep cleaning. Spot cleaning should be done once or twice per week to remove surface stains and keep dust and other particles from deteriorating your upholstery.

Unfortunately, spot cleaning will not cut. You need to call expert couch and carpet cleaners to thoroughly clean your couch. What can’t be seen by the naked eye are germs that can pose a serious health risk to the family.

Kids with allergies

If you have pets living with you and your children has allergies, then all the more you have to be religious in cleaning your furnishings. Pet dander, hair, and urine can all cause serious problems to a child with allergies. If you don’t vacuum your sofa daily, you can expect the fur and dander to increase. Your child could suffer the most in this case. So, have your Upholsterey  vacuumed daily and contact a Professional Upholstery cleaner to get them deep cleaned. 

Manufacturers recommend having your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned at least every 12 months.  You can see more regarding our advice on our  Upholstery Cleaning Chester page.


We’ve got your back, being open 7 days a week allows us to aid with anyones unique schedule and provide professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning services.

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– S Line Cleaning is dedicated to develop sustainable activities. The main of the activities is to raise awareness about each company carbon footprint. · Soon we will be able to unveil unique and groundbreaking projects.
– Soon we will be able to unveil unique and groundbreaking projects.
S Line Cleaning takes responsibility for any damage that can be directly linked to the services provided.  This must be claimed in a written notice to within maximum 24 hours after the service has been performed.

We cannot guarantee that all the stains will come out
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Chester is a city in England situated in the northwest areas of Cheshire, bordering Wales.  It’s known for its historical Roman walls and medieval buildings and its more modern shopping district.

Chester has the largest Roman Amphitheatre, the oldest Chester Racecourse and a 1000 year old Cathedral.

According to public sources it has a recorded population of 119,900 in 2021 and ranks 63 in the United Kingdom.

Chester Coordinates –  53.1934° N, 2.8931° W

Things to do in Chester 

Chester Zoo 

The Grosvenor Museum

Chester Station 

Grosvenor Shopping Centre 

S Line Cleaning are the best cleaning company ever. They clean our carpets 30 years old now they are like brand new many coffee and foods stains are gone. Our carpets are absolutely like new. 100% reccomended
Steve Mayer
Chester, United Kingdom
The best carpet cleaning service I have used S Line Cleaning services a few times before and now they clean my carpets in our house and office as well.My 5 bedrooms carpet looks fantastic now! Highly recommend!it makes sense
Jodie Pierce
Chester, United Kingdom
I am really impressed with the high standard of cleaning, friendly and informative explanation of the process and excellent value. I was so impressed I have booked to have my sofa and mattresses done next. Highly recommended.
Tiffany Moorcroft
Chester, United Kingdom