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At S Line Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being a renowned and eco-friendly 5-star reviewed cleaning specialist focused on carpet and upholstery cleaning in Flintshire and surrounding areas. Our comprehensive service ensures that domestic and commercial properties are clean, healthy, and safe for children, pets, and workers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our proven track record of receiving abundant positive feedback and 5-star reviews. 

Comprehensive Services


Specialising in carpet and upholstery, including sofa, tile, and grout cleaning, our services cover a wide range of cleaning needs. From natural stone restoration to hard floor cleaning, tile polishing, and stain removal, we are your one-stop solution for a sparkling, clean space in Flintshire. Browse a few of our services below:

Carpet Cleaning: Revitalise your carpets with S Line Cleaning’s advanced carpet cleaning services. Our expert technicians employ cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly detergents to ensure a thorough and revitalising clean. Say goodbye to dirt, allergens, and stains as we bring your carpets back to life with precision and care.

Upholstery Cleaning Safe: Experience the luxury of fresh and immaculate upholstery with S Line Cleaning. Our specialised upholstery cleaning services cater to various fabrics, ensuring a deep and gentle cleanse. From sofas to chairs, we use advanced techniques to revive and extend the life of your furniture, leaving it looking and feeling like new.

Carpet Repair: S Line Cleaning goes beyond cleaning – we offer professional carpet repair services. Whether it’s a tear, burn, or stubborn damage, our skilled technicians utilise advanced repair techniques to restore your carpet’s integrity. Trust us to bring back the beauty of your carpets with seamless repair solutions in Flintshire and surrounding areas.

Commercial Cleaning: Elevate your business environment with S Line Cleaning’s specialised commercial cleaning services, focusing exclusively on carpets, tiles, and upholstery. Our dedicated team ensures a pristine and welcoming atmosphere in your commercial space, from office spaces to retail establishments. Trust us to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, tiles, and upholstery, leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees.

Rug Cleaning: Preserve the beauty and longevity of your rugs with our Cleaning’s meticulous rug cleaning services. Our specialist rug cleaners are trained to handle various rugs, from delicate oriental pieces to modern designs. We use specialised techniques to ensure a gentle yet effective clean for your cherished rugs.

Expert Stain Removal

Our expertise goes beyond routine cleaning. We specialise in removing challenging stains, such as pet stains, urine smells, blood stains and smell removal. Our advanced techniques ensure not only the removal of stains but also the restoration of your carpets and upholstery to their original glory.

Eco-Friendly Excellence

Our dedication to the environment sets us apart. We utilise advanced equipment, cutting-edge products, and the latest technologies to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning environment for your home or business in Flintshire and surrounding areas. Our eco-friendly detergents guarantee optimal results and prioritise the well-being of your children and pets.

Impressive Clientele

S Line Cleaning has worked with esteemed clients, including Beresford Adams, GXO Logistics, NHS Supply Chain, Littlewoods,, and many more. Our proven track record reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional cleaning services for businesses of all sizes.


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S Line Cleaning are the best cleaning company ever. They clean our carpets 30 years old now they are like brand new many coffee and foods stains are gone. Our carpets are absolutely like new. 100% reccomended
Steve Mayer
Chester, United Kingdom
The best carpet cleaning service I have used S Line Cleaning services a few times before and now they clean my carpets in our house and office as well.My 5 bedrooms carpet looks fantastic now! Highly recommend!it makes sense
Jodie Pierce
Chester, United Kingdom
I am really impressed with the high standard of cleaning, friendly and informative explanation of the process and excellent value. I was so impressed I have booked to have my sofa and mattresses done next. Highly recommended.
Tiffany Moorcroft
Chester, United Kingdom

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Are you looking for high-quality carpet and cleaning services in Flintshire? If so, you’re in the right place! At S Line Cleaning, we make it easy for you to connect with us – send a message or make a quick call! Whether you’re a homeowner looking to freshen up your living space or a business owner needing top-tier commercial cleaning solutions, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to address all your cleaning needs comprehensively.

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