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We all like to sit on comfortable and clean upholstery. S Line Cleaning removes stains, dirt and dust from your upholstery and soft furnishing, leaving an impeccable results in order for you to enjoy your furniture without worrying about looks or health aspects.
S Line Cleaning Time Frame Suggestion
– 2 times per year. Depend on the usage
carpet cleaning sofa cleaning professional carpet cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning | Certified Sofa Care Specialists | S Line Cleaning

Mattresses Cleaning

Mattresses play a vital role on our physical and emotional health.
Spending  almost a third of our lives in bed the quality of mattress affects us  more than we think. S Line Cleaning provides mattress cleaning which  removes dirt, dust, skin and bacteria. We recommend that you let a  proffessional clean your mattresses at least twice a year to assure a  healthy environment.

S Line Cleaning Time Frame Suggestion

– 2 times per year at least.
carpet cleaning sofa cleaning professional carpet cleaning

Is it worth getting my Upholstery professionally cleaned?

If you search the inter net for Upholstery Cleaning Chester’ or professional cleaning companies Chester, you will find our company  S Line Cleaning. You will see how meticulous and serious we are  when it comes to cleanliness. We even have certifications and professional training and are considered to be experts in the field. With such accreditation and years of industry experience, you can be sure that we know the cleaning needs of residential buildings and spaces.

Unlike cleaning the commercial spaces, cleaning a home requires more thoroughness, more sophisticated cleaning equipment, and more caution because there might be sensitive kids and pets living with the adults. You see, these residences may not be made of more than 5-stories that are more than 100 square meters each, but they have upholstery and fixtures that need to be deep cleaned to keep health hazards at bay. Since the family spends more time staying here, they need to be cleaned diligently.

Professional cleaning companies have the trained human resources, high-quality equipment, resources, and technical know-how to make every nook and corner of your sofa clean and well sanitized.  

Yes, you can clean your sofa by yourself. However, there is a high chance that this will be limited to surface cleaning. What’s even more dangerous is the dirt that can’t be seen visibly. Your expert cleaners will have the knowledge and expertise in removing any dirt and stains and will know how to tackle them using the correct equipment.

Finding the right cleaning company is like winning half of the battle. With this task ticked off your to-do list, you can focus your time and attention more on things that matter to your home — keeping your family healthy and happy.


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How much does it cost to clean my Upholstery?

Like carpet cleaning, the cost of cleaning your sofa and other upholstery will largely depend on the extent of the cleaning job, the size of the couch, and materials used to make the sofa. This means that a bigger, gravely stained sofa that’s made with delicate materials will surely cost higher to clean compared to a simple, regular sofa that’s not heavily soiled.

According to furniture experts, the cost of cleaning a couch could cost anything from £40.00 upwards with the average UK cost of cleaning a sofa is around in excess of £155.00. 

For upholstery, the cost of professional cleaning highly depends on furniture size and fabric type. Cleaning upholstered furniture also costs higher than fine fabrics. 

Of course, the cleaning process that will be used will depend on certain factors like the sensitivity to the moisture of homeowners and their preferences. If you have kids who are sensitive or allergic to certain scents, go for steam cleaning. Aside from that, if you have kids who love lounging on your sofa, opt for steam cleaning. Its water vapor is devoid of any kind of smell, so it won’t cause any adverse reaction. If you also need a deep rejuvenation of your sofa, go for steam cleaning. Otherwise, you can opt for dry cleaning.

How quickly will my Sofa dry?

It could take eight to twelve hours before your couch can be completely dry after it was cleaned. Some professional cleaners bring small oscillating fans or ‘speed driers’ to help increase drying time for your sofa. Because these fans are so powerful, theycan dry your sofa in four to six hours.

However, if you want to dry your sofa by yourself, you can also consider these simple drying tips:

Take advantage of the room’s natural airflow

Just like how you do it when you dry your carpets, take advantage of a good airflow in the room where your couch is situated. Open the doors and windows of the room and allow the fresh air in. As said earlier, this is a good way to avoid damp and musty smells that usually develop when the room is tightly closed. If you have two windows on each side of the room, fully open one of them and leave the other only slightly open. The strong crosswind from these windows can help dry your sofa dry quickly.

Position your sofa infant of an oscillating fan

Place your couch directly infant of your fan and let the air from above help dry it thoroughly. As you already know, the concentrated air funnel can easily dry your sofa.

Leave them outside to dry

The heat of the sun is the perfect dryer as it’s natural and effortless. All you have to do is choose a safe spot where your couch can be left to dry. Keep it away from your pets and other debris that might soil it again. Avoid direct sunlight as it might damage the color of the fabric. You can leave the cushion covers to dry in your clothesline. These are easy to dry, so you can also use blow dryers or fans to remove excess moisture.

When the couch is inside the house and you feel that it’s slightly damp, you can simply open your windows or doors and leave it to dry. After which, check the hidden areas of the sofa for signs of wetness and moisture. Never use it when it’s not fully dried as it may damage it depending on its fibre.

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