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In  order to maintain your carpets, S Line Cleaning is offering excellent  results with our well renome carpet cleaning. We dare to say that we are  expert in carpet cleaning. Put us to the test and see your carpets  transform. We remove stains, dirt, dust and bacteria leaving your  carpets feeling as new. Our methods assures a healthy environment, it  both feels and looks good.

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Is it worth getting my Carpets professionally cleaned?

If you engage the services of Carpet Cleaning Chester companies, you’re not only keeping your carpets and home clean but you are also helping your allergic kids to coexist with your pets. If these reasons are not enough to persuade you to hire professional carpet cleaners, here are other reasons to help point you in the right direction.

Experts will leave your carpets free from toxic residues

Professional home cleaners don’t use detergent or cleaning chemicals that can harm the environment. Because they use earth-friendly cleaning tools, the homeowners can’t exhale the fumes from the chemicals during and after every cleaning session.

Instead of these harmful detergents, they’ll use cleaning products that do not contain ammonia, petroleum distillates, and other toxic chemicals. In the end, your family and pets are not exposed to a harmful and unpleasant residue.

Experts know exactly where and how to thoroughly clean

When we clean our experts, we often use whatever tools we have at home. While some put their carpets inside the washing machine, some manually brush it in hopes of getting rid of the stubborn dirt. When you do this, you might get rid of the stain and dirt, but you might also be damaging your carpet.

Too much pressure and force can loosen the fiber strands and cause them to separate. When you’re not careful with detergent and bleach, you might also damage its color. This is not the case with expert cleaners. They have the right tools to make cleaning seamless. You won’t see them brush your carpet in your laundry area. Most of them use a method called steam cleaning to get rid of the dirt, sanitize your carpet, and restore it to its pristine condition

Less hassle

Why go the extra mile in brushing and cleaning your carpet by yourself when the experts can do it seamlessly and quickly. Even if you pay for their services, your gains come in the form of a clean and well- sanitised carpet and more rest time for you.


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How much does it cost to clean my carpets?

When you search online for ? Carpet Cleaning near me,’ you’ll see that the cost of carpet cleaning will depend greatly on the size of the rug, its materials, and the extent of the cleaning job that needs to be done. This goes without saying that bigger, sensitive, and dirty carpets will surely cost more than small, regular, and not-so-dirty ones.

Without taking into account the considerations we mentioned above, homeowners can expect to pay a minimum charge.  This price will vary depending on a number of factors that has been discussed here.  However, as a general rule if you wanted more Carpets cleaned at the same time we do offer multi room discounts.  Please contact us to discuss these prices in more detail.

Apart from the standard cleaning rate, you can also expect to pay more for the following additional services:

Coffee stains: This type of stain needs to be cleaned and removed right away. You can remove them with the use of light bleach, vinegar, and water mixture. Remember to only blot (and not rub) when you clean. If you’re afraid that you might do more harm than good, or if you don’t have a coffee stain remover at home, let the experts do it for you.

Blood: Like coffee stains, you need to remove blood stains from your carpet right away. For this, you can use a solution made of cold water and detergent. Remember to keep your carpets from hot water as they will only worsen the stain.

Pet stain: If you have an untrained pet, expect them to relieve themselves on the house carpet. Aside from the discoloration, you can also expect a foul odor to come with it. Let the experts handle this matter as they start the cleaning process by pre-treating the stained area before thoroughly cleaning it.

Depending on the severity, these additional repair and cleaning costs can be somewhere around £40 upwards.  

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How quickly will my carpets dry?

You should never leave your carpets damp as this could invest molds into your home. Whether you clean your carpet by yourself or hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you, they will still be slightly wet after cleaning. The carpets will remain damp for six to ten hours. Some carpets would still even feel wet or moist even after 24 hours. Overall, drying your carpet can last up to three days. And if after that it remains wet, you can always call for professional help.

To help your carpet dry faster, consider the following tips:

Create good airflow: Open your room and allow the fresh air to do its magic. This is a good way to avoid damp and musty smells that usually develop when the room is tightly closed. If there are two windows on the opposite sides of the room, fully open one of them and leave the other only slightly open. The strong crosswind can help dry your carpet faster.

Use your ceiling fan: Position your carpet directly under your ceiling fan and let the air dry it. The concentrated air funnel created by the fan can easily leave your carpet dry. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, a desk or standing fan can also do the trick. Place two fans on every side of the carpet to dry them quickly.

Make use of any fans you have.  If the two options mentioned above are not available, you can also utilise any fans that may be at your home. Though they can’t dry your carpet directly, they can promote a fresh environment and will encourage air flow. 

Your professional carpet cleaner can also offer blow-drying services to hasten the carpet drying process. This is the quickest method among all the other options previously mentioned. 

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