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How to Do Carpet Cleaning in Less Than a Day

Did you know that your carpets could hold as much as four times their own weight in dirt? Even with regular vacuuming carpets can also trap allergens which can have an impact on your health. These issues can be remedied by keeping your carpets clean, but get your carpet thoroughly clean can be a time-consuming task. If you’re looking to do carpet cleaning without eating up all of your spare time, then we’re here to help.

Read on as we take a look at how to clean your carpet in less than a day.


The first thing you need to do is to give your carpet a good hoovering.

This will pick up any loose dust and debris from your carpets and ensure that you’re not just pushing this dirt straight back into the carpet again. Give the carpet a thorough going over with the hoover, and move your furniture around to ensure that you hoover those surfaces that are normally missed during routine cleaning.

You may need to go over high-traffic areas several times to ensure you get up as much as you can.

Tackle Stains

Once the carpet has been given a thorough hoovering, you’ll then need to get to work on any obvious stains. If you don’t start with stain removal, then when you come to the deep cleaning, you’re just going to start spreading those stains over more of your carpet. 

If there are solids in the stains such as food, use a flat edge such as a butter knife or the edge of a credit card to get up as much of the solids as you can and hoover these up. You’ll then need to tackle the stains based on what caused them. For most stains, a good carpet stain remover should be able to do the job.

Deep Clean

Once you’ve cleaned up the spot stains, it’s time to give the whole carpet a deep clean. There are a number of options based on the equipment and products you have to hand.

Steam Clean

A steam cleaning machine is the best way to clean your carpet, but if you have a steam mop or a clothes steamer, these can be ideal for steaming your carpet also.

Sprinkle equal amounts of baking soda and salt over the carpet, and then use your steamer to dampen the carpet. If you’re using a clothes steamer, you’ll need to hold it a few inches above the carpet. With a steam mop, you can use the mop directly on the carpet itself. 

Once the whole area has been steamed, used old towels or clothes to soak up the dirt. When it’s dry, vacuum again to collect up any final debris.

If you don’t have a steam device, you can use a spray bottle to spritz water over your baking soda and salt instead.


If you don’t have baking soda or salt, another good cleaning option is to use one part of distilled vinegar mixed with three parts of water.

Spray the mixture over an area of the carpet until it’s just damp. Wait for about five minutes, then blot the area dry with a cloth or towel. Repeat for the rest of your carpet, and then leave it to air dry. You can then hoover up any debris.

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