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Deep Carpet Cleaning: How to Maintain Professionally Cleaned Carpets

Want to keep your carpet pristine?

Nothing’s better for the houseproud than having your carpets cleaned by a professional. They’re bright, soft and the scent is wonderful. The only problem, then, is keeping them that way.

That’s where we come in! Keep reading for this guide on deep carpet cleaning and how to keep them good as new.

1. Wait Before You Walk on It

This can be a pain, even when something vital like a carpet gets cleaned, you still need to use it. After using carpet cleaning services, give them as much time as you can before you walk on them.

You should at least let your carpets dry completely before you use them. Otherwise, you could tread in dirt worse than before, and also cause the fibres to lose their volume.

2. Take Your Shoes Off But Don’t Go With Bare Feet

Any of the best carpet cleaning service providers will tell you not to walk on your carpet with bare feet. This is because the natural oils from your skin had leave residue on the fibres.

Think of how when you touch glass with your fingers, you leave smudges behind. It’s the same thing when you walk on your carpet without socks.

Over time the oily deposits leave your carpet looking darker and dirty. They can also attract dirt, helping it cling and bed into the fibres. So, stop walking on your carpet in bare feet. Use socks or indoor slippers instead to keep it looking its best.

3. Don’t Let Spills & Stains Sit

If you spill something on your carpet, don’t let it sit or wait for it to dry. Especially if it’s something like tomato sauce or red wine that will cause staining.

The longer you allow stains to sit, the more they will dry and bed into the carpet fibres. This lets them take root, and be more stubborn to clean later, needing more drastic measures.

4. Blot Don’t Wipe When You’re Cleaning Spills

Don’t wipe at spills and stains, blot them instead. Blotting lets you soak up the spill, wiping will only rub it further into the carpet. Try lukewarm water to clean it up first with a clean, white paper towel.

If that doesn’t get the stain up, then move on to a store-bought carpet cleaner or stain remover. Make sure you buy one that’s suitable for your type of carpet though.

It’s better to avoid harsh chemicals where possible though. Before turning to the hard stuff, you can also try a little dish detergent and water. You can also always call your professional carpet cleaner for their advice.

5. Have a Regular Hoovering Schedule

Are you in the habit of only hoovering when the carpet looks like it needs it? Don’t fall into that habit again and have a regular hoovering schedule. It’s a key tip for keeping your carpet looking spotless longer after it’s had a professional clean.

Hoovering lifts particles and dirt that you can’t see as well as those you can. It also helps remove pollutants from outside. If you don’t hoover, you run the risk of treading this dirt further into your carpet, making it harder to clean later.

Make the Most of Deep Carpet Cleaning

When you’ve had deep carpet cleaning by a professional, it’s only natural you want to make the most of it. The key to success is to give your carpets enough time to dry and breathe after they’re cleaned.

Have a regular cleaning routine of hoovering and dealing with spills right away. You just have to keep on top of that maintenance.

If you’re looking to have your carpets cleaned by a professional, contact us today. At S Line Cleaning Ltd, we’ve got the skills and knowledge for all your carpet cleaning needs.

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