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Why use professional carpet cleaners?

S Line Cleaning would like to share with  you main reasons why industry leaders such as manufacturers and  retailers recommend that deep cleaning of your fabric by professionals  is required.  Professional carpet and  upholstery cleanings main objective is to remove dust, dust mites,  bacteria and other allergens. Above all the treatment have a direct  impact on your family’s health. Carpet cleaning reduces the risk of suffering respiratory problems.
By  ensuring that your fabrics are cleaned to a professional standard, you  will help to improve the quality of the air that you breathe, for  instance. Clean carpet also reduces the risk of suffering respiratory  related issues. In addition to the health related benefits, professional  deep cleaning services also helps to extend the life of your carpets,  rugs and upholstery.
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How often manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning Over  time, dirt and other particles that accumulate within the fabric, become  embedded within the fibres, causing degradation. Therefore, carpet  manufacturers, distributors and sellers require buyers to  professionally deep clean every 3,6 and 18 months. By doing so,  clients would comply with warranty  legal requirements, In other words,  the only way to protect your carpet (warranty wise) is with professional  service providers. You may Vacuum your carpets, on a daily or weekly  basis, this will help to remove surface contamination of abrasive dust  and will help to prevent it from penetrating deep into the sub structure  of the carpet.

Vacuuming is considered superficial cleaning!

Vacuuming will not remove particulates that have already found their  way deep into the carpet structure. Steam cleaning the carpets yourself,  with the products available for home use do not have the penetration  power that the professional service providers have. Chester Warrington Liverpool Wrexham and many more

How often you should clean your carpet?

How often you should clean your carpet? Robin Wilson a renowned interior designer and author, whose clients  include the then president of the USA Barack Obama, Robin specializes in  allergy-free housekeeping, and wrote in her recent book  “Indoor air  quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you  don’t clean your flooring, clean your drapes and let air inside  regularly”. As strange as it sounds, dirty carpeting can impede the  airflow in your home.Experts advise that you to have a professional cleaner every 6, 12 or  18 months according to the carpet guarantee specifications. However,  experts from the health and respiratory sector recommend more frequent  deep cleaning in the interest of an Allergen-free home, at intervals of   four to six weeks if you have a pet. 

What does a professional cleaning company do?!

S Line Cleaning are a professional  cleaning company located in Chester, specialised in the deep cleaning of  all office and home based fabrics, including but not limited to;  carpets, rugs and upholstery. The company expertise lays in deep  cleaning of natural and man-made fabric, carpet, rugs, drapes and  upholstery to name but a few.

Choose a professional cleaning that offers a full solution.

The company,  Line Cleaning, has been  developing innovative ways to clean and maintain your home to maintain a  safe, clean, environment for your children and pets to be. I addition  to techniques and processes, they have been investing  in in-depth  research and top range products and machinery to ensure we deliver to  you, a top range cleaning solution. Kras Todorov, the managing director of S Line cleaning believes in innovation therefore mentioned : “We  use the most powerful machines on the market that remove all bacterial  and allergens.  We offer free, no obligation advice to guide and help  you, to stay safe, in a deep down, clean and healthy environment.”
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